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The tragic, epic story of Nelson Rockefeller – colorful scion of the wealthiest family in America, philanthropist and philanderer, collector of art and women, equally reviled by the political left and right, Vice-President and candidate for President, the scourge of the Attica Prison riots and the savior of New York. From his privileged but bleak upbringing to his firestorm life, from his dynamic personality to his scandalous divorce, from his priceless art collection to his sudden death in the arms of his mistress, this is the story of an outsized figure – and one of America’s greatest characters – during one of the most turbulent eras in American history.
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In March, 2008, the eighty-five year old brokerage firm of Bear Stearns was in deep trouble, bloated with failing mortgage-backed securities. On the verge of bankruptcy, the management of Bear Stearns spent a hectic weekend in negotiations with the major banks and the federal government in an effort to save the company. For Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, the leaders of the international banks, and investors like Warren Buffet, the stakes were even higher – saving the global economy. In this fast-paced screenplay, the big players in this Wall Street drama reveal both the strengths and weakness of human beings under incredible pressure – and the failures and dangers of the global economy.
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Father and Scout chronicles the tale of love and love lost within a family. Writer Spencer Paley (Bob Saget) agrees to go on a father-son camping trip to Catalina Island with his 8-year-old son Michael (Brian Bonsall). Their love is tested and ultimately endures after Spencer accidentally sits on a slice of pizza. The film explores the complex relationship between parents and offspring and the fear of being in caves. At the 2007 TV Land Awards, Bob Saget said "Father and Scout was the most meaningful role I've ever played."

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A post apocalyptic prophet takes in the refugee daughter of his colleague. Both struggling to survive in this nuclear wasteland ultimately find a transcendent spiritual love.