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Standing on a windy bluff on the northern border of Israel, televangelist Matthew Vaughn is broadcasting to an audience of millions when he is kidnapped by guerillas from a mysterious terrorist cell. Veteran CIA operative Grant Stearns is thrown into the hunt for the captive preacher, a chase that leads from the deserts of Syria to a remote coastal resort in Albania. But Stearns’ biggest challenge is not only to rescue Vaughn, but to battle the forces in Washington and the Middle East – a renegade Homeland Security Secretary in league with an ambitious Israeli Defense Minister – who want to exploit the kidnapping for their own political purposes, even if it means provoking a full-scale war.
"Hilsman gets the political-thriller formula almost perfect..punchy chapters, a myriad of secretive characters, a dynamic hero, a canyon of exotic locales and verbal jousting that ultimately provides the fuel that keeps one reading."
Chaklala Codes 1-2013 revisionB, The - U
When virtually all of the political and military leadership of Pakistan are wiped out by a terrorist attack at the inauguration ceremony of a new President, an international race begins to seize control of the country’s vulnerable cache of nuclear weapons. CIA agent Grant Stearns and the Team Six Navy SEALs are sent on a mission to secure the top secret Wah nuclear munitions center (near the infamous Osama Bin Laden compound in Abbottabad) and unlock the mysterious Chaklala Codes – the encrypted keys to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons – before anyone else gets ahold of them.
Stearns and his team are pitted against a wide array of foes – from the radical jihadist Lakshar-e-Taiba (who were responsible for the deadly attacks on Mumbai India) to a strike force of Iranian Quds Special Forces, all of whom are determined to seize the prize of Pakistan’s nuclear weaponry. 
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BACK-CHANNEL is a political thriller, inspired by news reports of secret negotiations between Saddam Hussein's government and the Bush administration prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The story focuses on an American intelligence officer who is contacted by an Iraqi diplomat -- an old friend -- with an offer to negotiate. The official's life, both professional and personal, is thrown into danger when he reports the contact to the office of the Vice-President. BACK-CHANNEL, while a work of fiction, echoes many of the events that have come to light in the years since the invasion of Iraq.
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THE FAMILY PLAYS are a collection of three plays - two comedies and one drama -- about American families.
The Virgin Missile Crisis 
It’s October, 1962. Soviet missiles in Cuba are poised to launch at the US. Fear grips America. Sixteen-year old Duncan Ambrose, the son of a high-level State Depart  official, wants to lose his virginity before the world ends. Which could be in about 36 hours.
Family Values
A comedy about the very eccentric family of a US Senator
Grovers Corners
An original reimaging of the family from Thorton Wilder's play Our Town.
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THE HISTORY PLAYS include two period dramas
A play, inspired by the famous nineteenth-century novel Le Rouge et Le Noir, which portrays both the author Stendhal and his fictional characters.
The life and death of the 4th century Christian martyr who became St. Perpetua.
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THE POLITICAL PLAYS - two political dramas
Back Channel
A political thriller, inspired by news reports of secret negotiations between Saddam Hussein's government and the Bush administration prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Two couples are torn between perserving their relationships and their careers in the high-stakes world of Wall Street and Washington
In the midst of a global pandemic shutdown, Duncan Philby discovers a world of romance and adventure right in his on back yard. A beautiful and mysterious creature who lives in a cistern behind his house leads him on a series of passionate adventures through time and space, including encounters with Gustav Klimt and his model Adele Bloch-Bauer, the cast of Friends, and a tribe of 12th century nomads. The novel is a funny and poignant tale of love, myth and fidelity written by award-winning author and screenwriter Hoyt Hilsman