Standing on a windy bluff on the northern border of Israel, televangelist Matthew Vaughn is broadcasting to an audience of millions when he is kidnapped by guerillas from a mysterious terrorist cell. Veteran CIA operative Grant Stearns is thrown into the hunt for the captive preacher, a chase that leads from the deserts of Syria to a remote coastal resort in Albania. But Stearns’ biggest challenge is not only to rescue Vaughn, but to battle the forces in Washington and the Middle East – a renegade Homeland Security Secretary in league with an ambitious Israeli Defense Minister – who want to exploit the kidnapping for their own political purposes, even if it means provoking a full-scale war.
"Hilsman gets the political-thriller formula almost perfect..punchy chapters, a myriad of secretive characters, a dynamic hero, a canyon of exotic locales and verbal jousting that ultimately provides the fuel that keeps one reading."

HOYT HILSMAN is an award-winning writer and journalist.  He has written screenplays for a number of studios and television networks, including Disney, Sony, New Line, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS.  His stage plays and musicals have been produced in theaters around the country and abroad, and have won numerous awards.  He is the author of a series of political thrillers, including Nineteen Angels, which is currently in development as a feature film.

Hoyt has been an active participant in the national political scene, as well as a candidate for Congress.  He was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention and has served as an elected official in numerous positions in California.  He  has written hundreds of articles and op-eds for national newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, Los Angeles Magazine, Variety, and The National Law Journal.  He has been a theater and TV critic for Variety, a regular columnist/blogger for the Huffington Post and is a recipient of the Apex Award for Excellence in Journalism.

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